Who is Emily Taylor?

Monday to Thursday 11.30am to 10pm. Friday to Sunday 9am till late.

A story told through food. Vibrant, engaging and layered.

Emily Taylor tells a story of character and immense flavour arising from those who braved a journey to the unknown.

Expansive, lively, a world within a world, unseen from the street, enter the colour and culture of Emily Taylor set within tall limestone walls. A fresh, architectural treasure of small tables through to communal dining alongside the vibrancy of high tables and bar service.

Walk-ins welcome at any time.
Bookings happily taken.


Enter off William St, or Market Lane, Fremantle.

Just behind the Fremantle Markets.

Baos and beer to crunchy spiced bites and wine.

Everything from roast duck and gin cocktails, through to aromatic fish with fresh herbs and select wine list.

Courtyard and open bar areas. Great beer, wine and cocktails.



The Story

Emily Taylor was a ship from the eighteen hundreds that sailed from England to Fremantle, stopping through Asia on its voyages, picking up tea, spices and most likely quantities of opium. She also carried celebrated immigrants like Moon Chow finally laying to rest off the coast of Fremantle. Like its namesake – Emily Taylor brings a unique Asian twist to the best and freshest of West Australian produce.

Rich, colourful, authentic tastes of Asia blended with the colonial heritage of Fremantle.