Lobster & Manjimup Truffle Dumplings

Lobster & Manjimup Truffle Dumplings

By Patrick Prendiville

1. Fill a saucepan or work 1/4 of the way up with water, and bring water to a rapid boil.

2. Meanwhile line a steamer basket with supplied parchment, and evenly space the frozen dumpling in the basket. Make sure no dumplings are touching each other.

3. Place steamer basket over pot of boiling water and bring heat down slightly to generate a stead boil. 

4. Place lid on steamer basket and steam for at least 12 minutes. Do not lift the lid in this time. 

5. Prepare serving plates by drizzling a layer of aromatic soy onto the place 

6. When dumplings are done, carefully place onto the prepared plate. Top with fragrant oil, sprinkle with togarashi and finely chopped chives.